History of the Rifle Seventh Day Adventist Church

On June 29, 1912 the Grand Valley, or Cashe Creek, Seventh Day Adventist Church was organized in what was then the settlement of Grand Valley (or Cashe Creek), CO, a small settlement south of Rulison, CO. As early as 1917, The first Seventh Day Adventist School in the area opened in a reconditioned cow barn and hen house with Fran S. Pruett as the first teacher. Eventually the School moved into a two room white frame building near the church on the same property.

In 1918, Inter-mountain Adventist Academy opened for the first time on a 220 acre tract of land two miles south of Rulison. As the academy was located on a hillside of the Holmes Mesa, the buildings could be seen for miles, and were at times described as looking like a Christmas tree being lit first by kerosene lamps, and later by electricity. For years, the conductors on the trains going past Rulison would point out “The School on The Hill” and told passengers it was an Adventist academy. It remained open at that location until 1932 when the academy was moved to its present location in Grand Junction. To this day the remains of the foundations of some of the school buildings are still visible on the original property.

In 1920, the Rulison Church and school were constructed a few miles down the road from Inter-mountain Academy. Services were held at the church through 1968 when the Rulison church combined with the Rifle church. The school however, remained in Rulison through 1989 before being moved to Rifle.

The Original Rulison Church Building